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Frequently Asked

Q: How do I know which level ChessHootz is best?

A: Try them out! Your password gives you access to all 3 levels of ChessHootz each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After only a day or two of trying it out, you will know which level best suits you.

Q: Can I try out more than one level on release days?

A: Yes. While our intention is to give you 3 ChessHootz each week, if you want to check out the others, that’s fine with us!

Q: If I subscribed, will I automatically be billed when the next billing cycle starts?

A: Yes. Please put a reminder in your phone to notify you at the end of your billing cycle (either a month or a year) to decide if you want to continuing subscribing.

Q: How do I unsubscribe?

A: Just click on the Subscribe page and click Unsubscribe! We hope you will be back! For the price of a latte, you get a ton of engaging and instructive content with immediate testing to reinforce the concepts being learned. 

Q: When I watch the videos, the top part of the screen is black. Why?

A: Kahoot actually added that black bar to block out the names of music videos (that’s what is mainly featured on Kahoot questions that are linked to YouTube). If you don’t hover your mouse over the video, the bar will disappear after 10 seconds.

Q: How often do Master Challenges come out?

A: Once a month. It’s a surprise when they come out, so keep checking back! Master Challenges only last 1 week, so don’t miss out!

Q: Do prizes for Master Challenges ship outside of the continental United States?

A: No. International winners will receive virtual prizes like PDF’s of Coach Jay‘s books.

Q: How do we use the Flashcard feature?

A: At the end of a ChessHootz, you can select the Learn Mode. From there, it allows you to select the Flashcard Mode. In this mode, you can discard flashcards for concepts you have mastered, and keep practicing the others.

Q: How do we join the live ChessHootz Parties?

A: Once a month, we will email an invite to a ChessHootz party. Everyone joins on the ChessHootz YouTube channel at the specified time, then you open a new browser window (one to watch YouTube and the other to join the game and enter your answers). You can use a single device with split screens or use two devices.